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Covid 19
Deep Cleaning

We offer Specialist
Cleaning & Decontamination

With the current COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak now affecting the Irish businesses, schools and universities, Tim Dineen Cleaning Services has taken special measures to help tackle the epidemic and reduce its impact.

With our years of cleaning expertise and specially trained staff we are able to offer specialist cleaning and decontamination services to disinfect sites and help prevent the risk of infection.

Our highly trained teams, using specialist equipment can quickly and professionally decontaminate most sites, including offices, schools, universities, clinics, care homes, cinemas, and shops.

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COVID-19 Policy

With current outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus we have taken special precautions in accordance with the government guidelines with all our cleaning services to ensure everyone stays safe while a job is taking place.


Sanitising & Disinfection Service

If there was a case of COVID-19 in an environment, decontamination is necessary when it is symptomatic. In the current situation, however, it is strongly recommended that every public area, business setting, school or premises should be thoroughly cleaned in order to ensure that all surface areas, equipment and materials are properly disinfected and virus-free.

We use protective equipment and advanced cleaning instruments and methods for thorough deep cleaning. As the risk of transmission of infections is high and depending on different factors we obey the relevant laws and Government Guidelines regarding COVID-19

Protect your Office or Home

To protect yourself and your loved ones or employees, it is important to protect your office or home properly. This refers to all households and places of employment and workplaces.

Sanitary tables, chairs, fittings, doors and frames are important. We also emphasise the need to sanitise office equipment and other items such as keys, keyboard, refrigerators and machinery. The floors are washed, not only with regular washing and mopping, but also with good sanitation. This involves boards and skirts.

In the case of business areas, we will not only clean up the offices, but we will also ensure that common areas, such as elevators, staircases, staff kitchens, reception areas, conference and boardrooms, corridors and lobbies, are sanitised and cleaned in detail.

We concentrate on areas of high contact including toilets, stairs, door handles, telephones and any other equipment.